14 Natural Beauty Hacks for a Glowing Skin

Almost all of us are obsessed with a plethora of beauty hacks. But do they really works? Everyone have different tone and texture of skin and each one needs due care for their sensitive skin. Therefore Lyra beauty parlour, one among the most prefered beauty parlour in Thrissur have decided to make you aware about some beauty ideas and natural beauty hacks .

Cosmetics may harm our skin with their chemical reactions. Then why should we choose them? Our natural beauty should be maintained by natural elements

Let us discover the miraculous benefits of natural beauty approaches

These natural tricks will really makes you wonder with the miraculous results they show after regular and prompt usage.

  • Natural treatment for sunburn – Aloe vera with incredible properties to heal scar and burn. Blend the gel from aloe vera with clean water and pour it into the ice cube tray. Also Apply the cube on the affected part and you can see the change in few days
  • Use tea tree oil – which is a natural source of antibacterial power for keeping new blemishes from popping up.Besides It can help in clean up pores that have been clogged and can keep your face away from dirt and bacterial infections.
  • Moisturise your skin – Moisturise your skin with a homemade moisturising lotion. It can be made by making a mixture of avocado oil, cocoa butter and lavender oil. Cocoa butter and avocado are deep moisturisers and lavender provides a calming scent.
  • Use of makeup – can make your face dull and polluted. Make use of natural turmeric face mask with organic properties. Make a mixture of turmerics, oats and milk and apply it on the face for a few minutes for better results.
  • Face wash with salt – Salt can act as an effective agent in reducing swellings. For getting a fresh look, dissolve some salt in water and soak a cotton and apply it to the face.
  • Make your lips shining with oil – natural beauty hacks

  • Apply any kind of oil on your lips with an ultra soft brush Gently rubbing with the brush for a minute can show you some significant differences.
  • Olive oil for softer skin – Olive oil have an incredible effect on your body by making it more softer and smooth. Steam your face and massage with olive oil for about seven minutes to get the result. It can act as a conditioner for improving your skin.
  • Remove pimples with honey – You can see noticeable change in the size of the pimple after applying honey and washing it off with warm water after 15 minutes.
  • Makeup remover with natural ingredients – Make a natural makeup remover with olive oil and water.  Also Blend a mixture of warm water with olive oil in a ratio of 3:1. Pour it to a clean glass jar to sustain its moisture and apply it on the needed parts to remove makeup.
  • Reduce dark circles with baking soda – Mix some baking soda with hot water or tea and soak a cotton in the mixture and apply it on the under eye area. After 10 to 15 minutes wash it off with warm water.
  • Natural hair masks for your damaged hair

  • Make your own natural hair mask with a mixture of banana, egg and honey. Apply the prepared mix to your hair and wash it off with warm water after a couple of hours thereafter.
  • Longer eyelashes with essential oils – Mix coconut oil and lavender essential oil and apply it on your eyelashes making it strong from the root. Therfore Repeating this for three times a week can show you the best results.
  • Exfoliation for heels – As we get old our heels starts to become cracked and dry. For exfoliating our heels mix warm water with baking soda and vinegar and then soak your heels in this mixture.
  • Natural shampoo for greasy hair – Add sea salt and baking soda to your favourite shampoo to make the roots stay cleaner and longer. Some people may have hair with greasy texture.

Hope these beauty hacks will be helpful for you to have a natural approach for every issues. We are considered to be a premier Hi Tech beauty parlour in Thrissur to serve you every beauty needs.

For further assistance you may contact us and have a friendly consultation with specialists at Kerala beauty parlour. We do not wish to insist you for taking our services, please do not hesitate to know about
famous beauty parlours in Thrissur and consult us only if you think we are worth than others.

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