6 Beauty hacks you didn’t know about

We all love to apply makeup, but it takes a long time, right?

Normally we go to the famous beauty saloon to get the ideal look we desire. Applying makeup is a time-consuming process, but it’s worth the wait. With our busy life schedules, we often find it difficult to find time to do makeup. But, what if we told you some beauty hacks that will help you do makeup within the shortest time?

The good news is that there is and here we will share some of the essential beauty hacks so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. These tips will be definitely beneficial for all those who want to achieve the best beauty  saloon looks.

The Beauty hacks and tricks

  • Transform your pencil eyeliner into gel liners

By exposing the tip of the pencil eyeliner on a flame for a few seconds, gel liner is ready. Make sure that the tip of the pencil eyeliner is not too hot by touching because you don’t want to spoil those beautiful eyes. Want to know something interesting?

Using a white eyeliner on your waterline can make your eyes look brighter and bigger. This is a trick for your eyes if they feel tired or hungover.

  • Give Life to Mascara

What would you do if your mascara gets dried out?. Throw it and buy a new one, right? But don’t do it. A few drops of saline solution can make your dried mascara moist and ready to use it again as you did for the first time. This is time-saving and cost-effective. Now, that’s a life hack for you, ladies.

  • Use Facial Oil for lips

This hack is for the lips. If you want to apply lipstick smoother, then follow this hack. Before applying lipstick, add a drop of facial oil on your lips. This helps you to apply your lipstick smoother & makes them soft and hydrated. With a single drop, you get twice the advantages. This is particularly effective if you are in a hurry to leave your home or want the lips to look smooth & attractive.

Want to avoid excess lipstick on your teeth?

After applying lipstick, put your finger in your mouth and pull it out with the lips wrapped on the finger. The excess lipstick gets on your finger, and not your teeth. How about that for a hack?

  • Harden your nails faster

Wait for a few minutes to allow drying of the polish. After that, dip the fingernails in a bowl of cold water. This hardens the nail polish faster. So, the next time when applying nail polish, Don’t forget to place a bowl of cold water alongside.

  • Remove excess oil with baby powder

How to make effective use of baby powder? Use it to remove excess oil from your hair.

Sprinkle some baby powder on your brush and comb the hair. Not only the powder absorbs excess oil from the hair but it also gives texture to the hair. After all, who said the baby powder was only for babies?

  • Dry shampoo for your hair

Your hair is all oily, but you don’t have the time to wash and dry it. But, there’s nothing to worry, use a dry shampoo. It is better to apply shampoo & comb the hair before going to bed. It removes the excess oil and makes your hair natural in volume by morning.

Opt the services of a beauty parlour

Although you can do these tips at your home, it is better to choose the services of a beauty parlour to get a professional touch. There are many beauty salons providing professional makeup in Thrissur. Choosing the right one is all that matters. When finalizing a salon, you must consider several factors that include cost, quality of services, reputation, etc. When it comes to all that, Lyra beauty parlour is one such ladies beauty parlour in Thrissur. We provide professional quality beauty care treatments. This includes hair care services, waxing, bridal makeup & more.

How Lyra transforms you?

We are widely known in Thrissur for the quality services and professional makeup procedures we provide to our clients. Our services include Kerala bridal makeup, hair care treatments, pedicure & manicure procedures, waxing etc.

Whenever a customer approaches us for our services, we do a discussion session. This allows us to know their interests and requirements. This, in turn, helps us to provide the right beauty care treatment that suits them. Due to this, we have a huge base of loyal and satisfied customers. If achieving a beautiful appearance is what you want, then book your next appointment with Lyra today.

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