Pre-Wedding Bridal Beauty Treatments

Full Body Waxing

Full body waxing includes arms, legs, back, bikini. To get fresh and buttery smooth body skin waxing is considered the best, which last for 3-5 weeks. This may sometimes cause any minor skin problems, so you should prefer waxing 3-4 days before your wedding to settle down these minor skin problems. Getting a full body wax before the wedding is the best option for relaxation. Chocolate wax with heavenly cocoa smell is the best option for removing tan and leaves the skin upper moisturised and smooth. Bikini waxing is also done 2-3 days before the wedding.


Eyebrow shaping and facial hair removal is the next step. As eyes are the most expressive part of your face, eyebrow threading in Thrissur will dress them up accordingly to add grace to your expression. Just two days before wedding eyebrows and upper lip threading should be done whereas other parts of the face must be done at least a week before. Keeping an epilator at home will girls having excessive facial hair.

Bridal Facial

A routine facial vouches removal of dead cells, better blood circulation, removal of black and white heads, deep cleansing, and concurrently make your skin firm, bright, and soft. Consult an expert traditional bridal makeup in Thrissur for providing the information about the bridal beauty makeup facial that is perfect for your skin tone. Facial treatment Thrissur mainly goes for diamond, pearl, and gold facials for extraordinary bridal glow.

Body Massage

If you want to shed off all the Pre-wedding stress and exhaustion around you, body massage is a wonderful choice. Full body massage in Thrissur boosts blood circulation and nourishes the skin. Massage Spa in Thrissur is not necessary at each time, you can also do the same from home either with coconut milk or with banana and grind papaya pulp. Adding sugar in this mixture would be wonderful for skin exfoliation. If your fat related issues then mix coffee grains with a moisturiser and massage it over your thigh, hips, and arms regularly to get best results.

Pedicure and Manicure

You need to give special importance to the hands and feet when you are a bride. Manicure and pedicure services in Thrissur suggests 15 days interval service would surely keep your hands and feet beautiful and smooth. Nail art is a big fashion among brides and bridal beauty treatments. You can flaunt your nails as you flaunt your engagement ring.

Teeth Whitening

You cannot avoid smile on your wedding day, in fact, it is the only thing you do most on that day. At least two weeks before the wedding you can get a single session of teeth whitening from any dentist’s clinic which will add dazzle to your smile. To protect teeth from staining avoid coffee, turmeric, red wine, dark sauce.

Hair Treatment

Hair treatment in Thrissur provides regular trimming to prevent split ends. Straightening and hair smoothing in Thrissur are done for dry, coarse, frizzy and unmanageable hairs. Both treatments are almost same, the difference just lies in the technique. Without a dryer or flat iron, these treatments can provide you permanent smooth hair. At least a month before these treatments should be done.

Body Polishing

This spa treatment will bring the skin a youthful glow over the body. Within 60-90 minutes this treatment will give you silky and smooth beautiful skin and make you feel ready to step forward for your life’s great event.

Hair Colouring

The colouring is must for those with unwanted grey strands. Always opt best hair colour beauty parlour in Thrissur to avoid worries about the chemical side effects. To get a gorgeous look, brown, burgundy is a good option. To get the best haircut, do it all after all wedding hair treatments.

Hair Spa

Some nourishment is necessary for your hair after chemical treatments. Other than hair fall, dandruff, dullness, dryness problems regular spa is also a relaxing massage. To let your tresses make their best several hair spa masks are now available in the market.

A wedding is an occasion where two people unite. Now its trend, culture, tradition is varying a lot. And we are provided with lots of beauty parlours in our country to help out with. Hoping these tips will definitely help you with the event. So make a right decision by choosing the best beauty parlour in Thrissur for your great wedding day.

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