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christmas beauty tips

Your beauty countdown has started, don’t wait until the celebrations begin. You are heading out to a grant party of Xmas. This may be the last celebration of this season. So its time to party hard. Get ready for a stunning celebration of this grand season with beauty tips for christmas by lyra .

Every girl is fond of being gorgeous on special moments. Here are some beauty tips to look prettier than ever before. Christmas ahead! It could not be a normal day or a mere family or friends celebration. A royal touch should be given to every side of the party. Lyra beauty parlour, the hi-tech beauty parlour in Thrissur knows your beauty needs and here we are presenting before you with some special tips for the festive season ahead. We would like to make you ever beautiful than before and make our land prettier with beautiful girls.

Party makeup

If you want to look stunning, the prime importance should be given on your makeup. Right makeup can make you confident enough to go along the party night. Put on your eyeshadow first, it can be of powerful metallic colour. Then apply your foundation which can cope up with your entire attire. Apply it on your own way. A Mac finish is always loved by every girls. They want to be like they are having no makeup outlook.

Messy or twisted hair

Christmas is a busy celebration, you may not get enough time to be perfect with your outlook. A simple hairstyle can make you ready for the party. The art of hairstyling is important in every occasion. A messy hair is a trending pattern which gives you an ultra awesome look. If you want to put your hair up, then go for a twisted style. Or a mix of both can make you the centre of attraction of the party night.

Glossy lips

A perfect lipstick can bring the Christmas cheer to your face. Line your lips with a dazzling lipcolor and use nude lipstick to give a natural radiant look to your lovely lips. You can add some foundation to the corner of your lips to make it sharp and finish it with a lip gloss. Matte look is the perfect one in the family of lipstick. Weigh up your likes in getting ready for a perfect pout.

Attractive eyes

The night partying may make your eyes tired. If you are having effective tactics to hide it, you can glitter in the party. Smoky eyes are evergreen trend. Start at the corner of your eyes and give an artistic effect with appealing eyelashes. Do not leave your young eyes look tired. Give a little eye massage before getting ready for the same to make it feel fresh.

Moisturise skin –

Winter is always prone to diseases which are transmitted through air and skin problems are more during this season. So proper care must be taken for keeping it problem free and do not allow it to be harsh on your skin. Use of effective moisturisers can help you in this regard. Many different brands are providing moisturisers in different forms like lotion, creams, concealer or foundations etc. While choosing among this different alternatives you have to check whether it satisfies your need up to the core.

You should start your planning, days before the eve. So you can show off your perfect style for this season. Beauty trends always have a dynamic nature. It tends to change over time. But it is a never ending endeavour. And every girl always look for a makeover and she likes to go along with the ever changing trends.

Celebrities have a catchy attire that make us to follow them. They have a no makeup outlook for almost everyday. But are they not having any makeup? Do you think so? Ofcourse, No. Actually they are having a no makeup makeup. A world without makeup is less interesting and those attires always tends to give us a boring day. We love the way, makeup transforms us to an awesome Lyra, the best beauty parlour in Kerala is going to provide you with all about their secrets.

Say no to foundation –

Foundation can makes you brighter but leaves the residue of synthetics. For a no makeup look you should avoid foundation. Maybe you can use a compact powder or a concealer. It will gives you a brighter fresh look without any over makeup look. And you can also use a sunscreen to protecting yourselves from tanning. De Tanning creams are available in the market. But sunscreens have the ability to give you a moisturising affect.

Nude Lipsticks –

For a matte finish, it is better to use a matte lipstick. And if you want any extra glow. You may use gloss or glittering lip balms. Avoiding brighter colours on the lips will leaves you regardless the makeup etiquette. Nude lipsticks always comes in a darker no glow shade. It helps in giving a natural look.

Eyelash curler

Rather than using a false eyelashes, you may enhance it with an eyelash curler. It is a must to have makeup tool. It can make you stunning with a sharp eye. Curling eyelashes is enough for a better look and no need for an eyeshadow. It can make you more smoky in your outlook.


A highlighting can be made on your cheeks to make it more rosy and chubby. It adds dimensions your skin. Foundations cannot make any sense to your no makeup makeup, here comes the importance of highlighters.

Hope these ideas will helps you in preparing for this festive season. For further assistance you may contact us or visit us at Lyra, one among the famous beauty parlours in Thrissur.

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