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You are about to start a colourful life full of joy and happiness. May your big day gets filled with those lasting colours. Get ready for the royal bridal attire on your most awaited day with Lyra, the best beauty parlour in Thrissur and its bridal makeup services .

It is your day and you are the only one to decide and make preferences. Our beauty professionals will provide you with the best quality services in accordance with your demand with due care and importance. All you need is to start the preparations a month before your marriage to look most beautiful in the world of yours.

We assure you the best Malayalee Bridal Makeup in Thrissur. The wedding is the most prime occasion in the life of every girl. Organising a marriage to make it a perfect thing of your dream come true can be challenging. Many of them spend a few months to plan the ideal wedding and want everything to be crystal perfect right from the venue to the food, wedding dress to the best photographers.

Of course, in spite of all these, you cannot keep aside yourself. This is your most special day and you want to look awesome. This is the time when you go to the perfect professional bridal makeup artist to provide you with the look of your dreams.

The best bridal makeup

We are always creating new beauty lessons with different persons. Every bride is unique in their way of attitude and attire. Getting the best beauty always lies in the hands of a perfect Beautician. The perfect guide for your special occasions will be available always with a well-arranged beauty parlour.

You can search on internet for the the best bridal makeup in kerala. It will gift you best look on your big day. When you think of a Kerala bride, your mind conjures up a beautiful collage of temple jewellery and the bride worn white silk “Kasavu Sari”. The Kerala bride emerges as a picture of grace and confidence and confident in her strength to pursue the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

The cultures and traditions vary across different southern states, in accordance with that we need to find unique elements being added to the rituals as well as the bridal look. Bridal makeup in Thrissur city has a variety of traditional makeup patterns with their unique features. It is a new trend in bridal attire to wear Kerala saree during the prime ritual, thalikettu and for remaining ceremonies, the bride could wear colourful silk saree.

So here are the most important things that are essential for Kerala Bridal makeup, to enhance the beauty in you.

Ornament Designs For Kerala Bride :

Gold plays an important role in a traditional Keralite marriage as it is a symbol of status, power, richness and valuable position in society. The traditional ornaments like Palakka Mala, Nagapada Thali, Kasu Mala, Mullamottu Mala, Manga Mala, Puliyamothira Mala, Poothali Mala etc. are the mainly used ornaments among Kerala brides. The tradition of wearing Kerala jewellery designs is as evergreen as the bride.

There are traditional Kerala jewellery designs in heavy gold and Antique jewellery too for the Malayali Manga. Traditional bridal makeup in Kerala has many demanding unique features in beautifying the bride’s for their special occasions. Purity and untold craftsmanship are the main things that we see in the traditional Kerala jewellery designs. ‘Nettichutti’ is another ornament, which brides may wear on their forehead and it gives an extra beauty to the bride.

Hairstyle Patterns For Kerala Bride :

The traditional Hindu Malayali bride prefers braiding her hair or pinning some hair and then leaving the rest in a simple look. Generally, fresh strings of jasmine flowers are used to embellish the hair and gold pin stones are used to adorn the hair partition. If it is a Christian Kerala bride, then she will be seen wearing a tiara and tiny flowers on her hair.

Famous beauty parlours in Kerala have a wide variety of ornamental and hair designs to beautify the brides in their auspicious occasion. According to the culture and traditions of different regions, the attire and taste of brides appearing for their marriage will be different. The well-decorated hairstyles are set to give an elegant look to the brides on their most special occasions. Different kinds of hair accessories are also available in the market.

Face Makeup For Kerala Bride :

Well, the Kerala bridal makeup is known for showing their tradition and culture. The makeup is simple and attractive, which accentuates the best features and brings out the most charming look in her. The makeup will start with a good concealer, which means the foundation used to hide the different imperfection in the skin tone.

When it comes to eye makeup, brown or bronze eyeshadow and attractive eyelashes also can be used. And then a simple touch of eyeliner and two coats of curling mascara to add more a gorgeous look to the eyes. The light shade of lipstick makes the bride more elegant in their overall outlook.

Mehendi designs, The perfect body art :

Mehendi is yet another traditional belief behind the scenes of a wedding. It is a perfect body art to make the wedding designs more creative and charming. Mehendi represents the holy bond of the wedding and is therefore, considered a sign of good luck. It signifies the love and affection between the newly wedded couple and their families. Here are some popular beliefs that are connected with this tradition:

1. The deep love between the would-be-couple is depicted with the darkness of the Mehendi.
2. The colour also shows the love and mutual understanding between the bride and her mother-in-law.
3. The how longer the mehendi retains is considered to be more auspicious for the newlyweds.
4. Mehendi is also referred to be a symbolic representation of fertility.

Wedding occasions are the most precious moments in our life and make it with something special as your own. Every bride should be as unique as every princess. Make your wedding moments more delightful with a professional bridal makeup in Thrissur, which will help you to get a more stunning look for your special occasions. It is going to be the most memorable day in your life which you cannot recreate any more times. Choose the best in everything….

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 Lyra kerala bridal makeup

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