Nail care -Get the right care for your nails

We all want to look attractive and young, Isn’t that right?

There are many factors that define attractiveness in a person. One such factor is caring for your nails. Nails? But how?

Nail care have a huge role in determining your attractive look and your health. In terms of beauty, it is often the first thing that catches everyone’s attention. A perfectly trimmed and rounded nail will create a first impression on others. This can be achieved by a professional ladies beauty parlour.

In terms of health, caring for nails is vital for managing your health. As mentioned above, nails are always exposed to open environments containing dirt, dust, water, etc. They even protect your fingertips from minute accidents. But, there’s a possibility for dust and bacteria to accumulate inside your fingernails.

Lack of caring for your nails will result in various health problems. Also not cutting your nails at periodic intervals can cause uneven and jagged nails. This will lead to brittleness and breakage.

Some Nail care Tips

The best place to get your nails cleaned is a professional beauty parlour providing manicure & pedicure services. There are many beauty parlours in Thrissur that provide these services. Here we discuss some essential tips that help you care your nails, and also make you more attractive

Keep Your Nails Trimmed And Clean

This is pretty obvious, Keeping your nails dirty will lead to the formation of bacteria & fungus under the nails, which can lead to infections. If you work in an environment that involves handling of chemicals, water or dirt, always wear gloves to protect your nails.

It is important to moisturize your hands & fingernails. But, excessive moisture will cause brittleness. This will make the nails weak thus leads to the formation of split nails.

Get a Manicure

Alright, this is one essential tip for your nail care . To get it done the right way, choose the services of a reputed beauty parlour or nail salon.

Manicure is a type of cosmetic procedure performed for fingernails. It involves filing and other procedures which shapes your nails. This, in turn, gives them an even appearance. You can further apply your nail care by a pedicure.

It is always recommended to get the procedures done from professional beauty parlours. You should ensure that the materials have undergone sterilization. This is to avoid infections.

Don’t play with cuticles

Cuticles are those small areas on the bottom side of your fingernail. It acts as a seal that prevents dirt, bacteria, dust etc from entering inside your body through the finger. Thus, it is better not to perform any alterations on the cuticles. If there is a cut, it becomes exposed to bacteria and can lead to infections. Thus, it is better to leave it.

Maintain an active lifestyle

Eating good food ensures the growth of healthy nails. After all, the food is what gives us the necessary energy for our body to function properly. Food items such as green leafy vegetables, milk, fish, dry fruits promote healthy nails.

Consuming healthy foods coupled with exercises will lead an active lifestyle. This, in turn, leads to healthier nail growth. Although there are many factors, only the most important factors are described here. If you are looking for the best beauty parlours in Thrissur, then Lyra is the right one among the others.

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