Inauguration Ceremony

Its our privilege to have well known actress Ms. Krittika Pradeep ( AADHI, AAMI, MOHANLAL) for our VIP room Lyra inaugration ceremony..

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LYRA BEAUTY PARLOUR WAS STARTED IN 2009 AND BRANDED IN THE INDUSTRY AND WAS REGISTERED AND TRADE MARKED IN THE YEAR OF 2015. After lyra inaugration, lyra became one of the finest hair salons in Kerala, Lyra beauty parlour provides every kind of hairstyling services . Also includes women’s haircut, mens haircut, hair treatments, highlights, hair spas, and short hairstyles for women. Lyra have an experienced and highly professional team of hairstylists who could make your hair flaunt fabulously. Also We make use of high-quality products and equipments only . Lyra Beauty Parlour provides professional services with International products in the industry. Besides Our Services also include hair styling and beauty and make up with special studios equally  for  Bride and Groom.

Providing client satisfaction is of utmost focus for Lyra beauty parlour. Further our main focus is on Innovation and an unfailing commitment to the quality and customer satisfaction.  It is our policy to maintain high standards in quality of service, which surpasses our client’s needs & expectations.

This Beauty Parlour is filled with professionaly  talented staff who are always working to improve, inspire . Our expert stylists have been working in the salon industry for 10+ years, and they not only cut, colour and style hair, but they exemplify what it means to be a professional stylist. Moreover they are committed to learning new techniques and trends in the saloon industry . We also have a solely placed customer support for reviews and improvements .

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