Keratin hair treatment | Lyra unisex Salon Kochi

Keratin hair treatment | Lyra unisex Salon Kochi

In search for a best beauty parlour in Kochi ?  We are one of the best premium and professional unisex salon which offers you the best service on  hair, beauty, makeup, and wellness as well as bride and groom makeup. Keratin hair treatment price in Lyra salon Kochi starts at;

 Floractive – 6000

Cysteine treatment  – 8000

This is the starting price and it may vary according to your hair length  and volume. Having gorgeous hair is a blessing on a lucky few, while the rest of us struggle with unmanageable hair everyday. Keratin hair treatment is an in-demand way to attain glossy and shiny hair. We provides high-quality hair treatment products easily accessible.

What is keratin treatment ? Keratin treatment in Kochi Lyra salon

Keratin treatment is a chemical process where keratin is artificially infused to hair strands to make it stronger, less frizzy, and straighter  in appearance. They are semi permanent hair straightening methods that adds shine to curly hair, which avoid frizzes.

Keratin is  a structural protein  found in your hair, skin and nails which also helps to form outer layer called epidermis . Keratin occupies in layers of hair cells resulting a sleek and shiny hair. In contrast keratin treatment  is much safer to smoothening, straightening and hair blow dry. Keratin contains less chemicals, while  smoothening and straightening products contains a vast amount of compound formaldehyde. In frizzy hair it works by breaking the bonds and recloses them in a straighter position. Certain products used in keratin treatment are Floractive, Amazon Cysteine and tresemme.

keratin treatment in kochi
keratin treatment hair care in kochi

What are the steps included in the process  ?

A keratin treatment process can take several hours, since it involves a couple of steps.

First and foremost the hair is washed out and treatment is applied to wet hair and leaves for about 30 minutes.  In some cases stylists used to blow dry hair and apply treatment on dry hair.

After 30 minutes hair is washed and dried using a blow dryer Then the stylists uses a flat iron to straighten the hair.. Ironing is an unavoidable step in Keratin treatment as this makes your hair smooth and shiny.

What are the benefits of keratin treatment  ?

As human  hair and nails are made up of keratin, our body naturally produces protein keratin. The keratin used in keratin hair treatments are produced from animal parts like feathers, hooves and horns. Few shampoos and conditioners contains keratin, but you’ll get the perfect result from a salon treatment done by professionals.

Potential benefits of doing a keratin hair treatment are;

Hair growth – Keratin treatment helps to strengthen hair and reduces hair falls and split ends. Hence it’s a proven treatment to trigger new hair growth.

Smooth and silky hair – Keratin smooths  hair cells that overlap to form hair strands. It results in less frizz and gives a glossy and healthy look to your hair

Manageable hair – Keratin treatment can help you to get more manageable hair by avoiding frizzes.  And treated hair dries more quickly because keratin can reduce drying time . So it helps to save your hair from heat damage.

What are the disadvantages of keratin hair treatment  ?

Hard to maintain – Type of water can affect your treatment. Salt water or chlorinated can shorten the life of your keratin treatment.

Use of shampoo and conditioner containing sodium chloride and sulphates can strip the treatment, so it’s better you use the shampoo and conditioner of the same brand used in the treatment.

After taking this treatment you have to wait for 3 – 4 days to wash your hair. If you’re a person who washes your hair daily, this may not be a right treatment for you. Till first hair wash you have to give an intense care to your hair without getting any kind of damage.

Cost and time – A keratin treatment is high-priced and a time consuming process. Each treatment starts from 6000 to 8000 and it may vary depending your hair length. We could do this treatment at home at low cost but the result may not last as long. And each treatment takes 3 to 4 hours so it would be difficult to those who have small kids or a busy schedule.

Use of Formaldehyde – Couldn’t generalize but most of the keratin products contains formaldehyde (what makes hair straight ). Since it’s highly toxic it can be dangerous if inhaled. It may seriously affect children and pregnant women. Some keratin treatments alternatively uses glyoxilic  acid but they won’t be that much effective.

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