Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Hair tips in monsoon

Monsoon hair care tips drives away the blues and brings alive the greens. But by keeping simple and small everyday things into consideration you can easily maintain your hair clean, healthy, and fit.

Ensure Your Hair Is Dry

Rainwater contains acids and dirt within it and getting wet in the rain is not a good option for your hair. Ensuring dry hair is one of the simplest and most effective hair care tips that can be followed in monsoon also never comb your hair in wet condition.

Shampoo Hair Twice A Week

Your scalp may be feeling itchy when you get wet in rain water, so shampoo your hair after getting in the rain. Shampo will prevent further bacterial or fungal infections. Always try to shampoo your hair from root to tip. Hi-tech beauty parlour in Thrissur suggests Pantene Pro V Total Damage Care shampoo to protect your hair throughout the monsoon season.

Regular Warm Oil Massages

A good old hair oil massage can naturally boost the moisture content in your hair which will invigorate dry strands. Do not go for too much, it will result in over shampooing which damages your hair. Hair treatment in Thrissur proposes it as a deep conditioning which should be done while once or twice a week.

Hold Off On Tying

In monsoon hair care tips tying up hair in monsoon is just like allowing rainwater to stagnate in your hair, which in turn will make it thinner and frizzier. Beauty parlour in Thrissur always prefers loose ponytail hairstyle which allows air passage to get the hair dry. Making hair short or trimmed during the rainy season is the best option to opt.

Use Hoodie Along With Waterproof Jackets

Some people opt colourful umbrellas to cover from rains instead of using jackets, so for those who love to enjoy this chilled weather condition, a hoodie is the best option preferred by famous beauty parlours in Thrissur to protect the hair from the rain.

Pick Appropriate Comb

A comb with wide tooth serves you the best in rains. It not only unknot your mops but also serves as a good conditioning comb.

Condition The Right Way

Avoid using too much of conditioner on the scalp, apply only to the end and lengths of your hair. Using a wide tooth comb have a good spread of conditioner on your hair and rinse it with cold water.

Eat Right

Ladies beauty parlour in Thrissur suggests eating foods that are rich in protein, iron, omega 3 fatty acids like salmon, dahi, spinach, walnuts, and mackerel.

Explore Natural Alternatives

You can whip up shampoos and conditioners by using things lying around in your kitchen. Hair care home remedies will always reduce the risk of irritation and reaction caused by chemically synthesized products.

Explore A Short Hairstyle

It is difficult to maintain your hair in monsoon than any other season. So it is advisable to make your hair short during monsoons to avoid excessive hair fall. Because short hair is less prone to break when wet.

Restrain The Styling Products

You might be fond of using styling products. But there is no doubt that these products will damage your hair. The styling products include gels, mousse, hair spray, pomade, spray on colour, hair dye etc. If you avoid using these products in the monsoon it will bring a wonderful change both in your wallet and hair.

Things To Do To Keep These Evils During Monsoon


Dandruff tends to increase during monsoon. To deal with this problem an effective anti-dandruff shampoo like Head and shoulders cool menthol can be used. Cool menthol refreshes and invigorates clean and dandruff free hair. Lyra – hair style designer in Thrissur strongly recommends menthol as it contains natural menthol for a cooling sensation. Also, keep your scalp clean.

Oily Scalp

A little oil is normal and healthy for your hair but when oil is used in excess your hair looks dirty and greasy. Due to the high humidity in monsoon, your hair seems to look very oily. So it is essential to use a shampoo specific for oily hair. Pantene daily moisture is perfect for oily hair as it perfectly balances the PH level. Hair style designer in Kerala suggests using any good conditioner for normal hair as it has a good balance between the shampoo and the conditioner. To keep your scalp clean wash your hair a little more often.

Hair fall

Wet hair is highly exposed to damage. There is a chance for wet hair to extend this will make the hair delicate and easier for hair breakage or hair fall to occur. If you are using combs or brushes with highly packed tooths then it will lead to the breakage of hair. After shampoo and condition, it is wise to use a wide-toothed comb or pick. Until your hair gets almost dry avoid using a hairbrush. Shampoos  keep the damage to the minimum. Famous beauty parlours in Kerala suggests Pantene hair fall control shampoo to strengthen your hair from base to tip. Do not apply the shampoo on the scalp just apply them gently on the lengths and ends of your hair.

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