Bridal makeup products you need for your Wedding day !!

Updated: Mar 7

Is there anything better than a "wedding day "? Of course there is ..creating a bride for the grand day !! The day when a young lady gets to see a gorgeous side of her in the mirror she had never seen before. While the process may be long and time-consuming, it's totally worth it for any young woman.

Check out a few of these Bridal makeup tips before you prepare yourselves for the big day.


The first step for any makeup, the foundation of course. Before you get started with the makeup, start off with the base. By doing so you can create a smoother layer and a more uniform complexion for all that makeup waiting next in line to rest on your face.


Let your lipstick do the talking. Make sure you don’t forget to brighten up those lips of yours. Remember, brighten up the lip region only and not anywhere around.

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A defining touch is what your eyes need. Use thin lines to accentuate the shape of your eyelids. Just be careful that you don’t make those eyelids extra dark.

It could get messy the more you spend time darkening the areas. You could go for the creepy “Maleficent” look on Halloween though.


If only your blinks could be a little more feminine. Well, that's what probably mascaras are for. Fluffen up those little strands of eyelashes by darkening them with a little mascara brush.

Gentle strokes on your eyelashes should be able to give you the much-desired look.

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Like the word itself, focus on using this tool to highlight areas of your face that makes you look younger. Make sure you don’t use this to your advantage by brightening up your whole face as it basically ruins the idea of highlighting. Try using a brush to maintain consistency.

Face Mask

Before you begin with all the makeup, you need to be sure that the face is clean enough and no, simply splashing some water isn’t going to do the trick. By applying a face mask, you remove stuff like facial dirt, excess oil, old makeup and even impurities on the surface of the skin.

Another benefit is the removal of accumulated dead cells which in turn unclogs all the pores that lay deep within your skin. If a good detox is what you’re looking for then a face mask procedure should be the solution.

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This little guy is the beauty sidekick you never knew you needed. While some of the other products in this list does the job of brightening your outer beauty, the concealer does something even greater, it hides your cute little features that you consider as flaws.

Be it a pimple or a dark circle, apply a little smudge right where you want it and voila, your pimples and dark circles are history.


Want your facial skin to stay hydrated? Ever heard of something called the stratum corneum? This fancy-sounding science-y word is made up fat, oil and skin cells that help keep moisture in the skin. A Moisturizer is the remedy.

By applying a moisturizer to the face, not only will it help increase the moisture of the SC but would also prevent the skin from drying out. In simpler words, not only does the moisturizer provide your face with a glow but also does the job of protecting the area beneath it.

Blush and Bronzer

Looking for a brownish golden glow with a touch of rosiness. Meet the Bs Brothers – Blush and Bronzer. Now you can use both of them to contour your face. You can apply the bronzer in the areas like the nose, chin and the upper area of the forehead to create a more natural tanned look.

For the blush though, make sure you use them only on the cheeks (where its meant to be). Remember just a touch is enough for the blush, cos too much of it can give you a more makeup loaded look which is a no-no.

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After all your makeup is done, you certainly don’t want all your efforts to go down the drain now do you? Which is why you need to use a primer to keep all that makeup in check. The primer smoothens out everything evenly and actually holds the foundation. It's going to be a long night filled with fun, frolic, and photos, Better keep that makeup in check.

All the creams and lipsticks in the world are only going to give you the finishing touches your face needs. Not utilizing them all, doesn’t make you any less than the women around you on your Wedding. Regardless of whether you put on these products or not, remember that you’re always beautiful for the man of your dreams, no matter what.

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