15 Essentials in your Beauty collection

Every woman requires a collection of most important beauty products that will come to her use later . Without these essential beauty collections a woman’s dream to look stunning is incomplete. Prominent ladies beauty parlor suggests that there 15 beauty essentials that every woman needs to have and they are:

Neutral eyeshadow palette

One of the most important beauty essential is the neutral eyeshadow palette, go for natural colors that will make your eyes look simple and beautiful. If you are up for a party go for darker shades.

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Oil blotting papers

Having a bunch of oil blotting papers handy is a good idea because you never know when you need to go out. With oil absorbing paper in your bag you can just wipe your oil away from your face.


Every woman must have an eye concealer especially those who like to stay awake in the night. For people who are stressed out an eye concealer is a must have. According to most famous beauty parlors, concealer is a must own essential of your beauty collections.

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Dry shampoo

Another important thing to be kept handy as part of your beauty collection is the Dry shampoo. When you feel like your hair unbearable but you don’t have time to wash it use dry shampoo spray and set your hair beautiful. It also gives volume to your hair.

Waterproof Mascara

A mascara is a common beauty essential that most women carry with them. But waterproof mascara is the new trend. When you are getting ready for going out on a rainy day make sure you use waterproof mascara.

Lip Gloss

Your lips tend to get dry very often and if you have a lip gloss handy you can save the life of your lips. And if you have a tinted lip gloss with moisturising ingredients then nobody is stopping you from having beautiful lips.

Face wash

Best Makeup artist advocates that with busy-stressful life most of us tend to forget our faces and the result is dull skin with dark circles. Try using a good face wash to cleanse your face. This way you can maintain your face and free it from being dull and dark circles.

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Makeup removing wipes

Most of us have been really lazy to wash away the make up which we had in the morning. If you have makeup removing wipes with you so that you can just wipe off the makeup rather than going to washroom to wash it.

Makeup setting spray

When we go for party one thing that bothers us is whether our makeup is not ruined. Because the moment the party becomes crowded there is chance of you to perspire and this can ruin your makeup for worse. So having a makeup setting spray can make your life easy as it ensures that your makeup is set.

Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer is another important beauty essential that you should have. This helps in keeping your skin hydrated with the right amount of light coverage. Also helps in evening your skin tone.


Having sunscreen is another beauty essential you need to ensure. SPF sunscreens are an optimum choice. With increasing exposure to sun’s harmful

rays, sunscreens with SPF will protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Prominent ladies parlor suggests that a sunscreen is essential part of a makeup kit.

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Another beauty essential is the blush. If you are getting ready in a hurry and you don’t have a make-up cream, use blush to cover your early morning sleepy looks.

Pen liner

Most of us have been using eye liners, but a pen liner is a new but similar to our very own eyeliner. Instead of carrying the bottle of eyeliner, the pen liner is easy to carry with you.

BB Cream

The most important beauty essential of all, that every girl or woman has to have is the BB cream. This is the best alternative for a concealer and foundation. A professional makeup personnel will always have BB cream that will help them in need when there is no concealer and foundation.

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Eye shadow brush

Apart from blush brushes, eye shadow brushes are also equally necessary beauty essential. When you need to give a final touch up to your eyes and when you don’t have enough time to actually re-do,brush the excess eyeshadow and level your eye make up.

Hence, experts of the best parlors suggests that every woman should own the above beauty essentials as you never know when you need to be party ready.

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