Give Your Lips That Beautiful Look

Your lips are just like a sponge, when hydrated they would plump up and when dehydrated it dry out and shrink. Since your lips are always exposed , chances are they get dehydrated, especially during winter season. Seek guidance from the best beauty parlour in Kerala for professional help in treating your lips. The skin on lips, unlike on other parts are thinner and do not have any oil glands that acts as a barrier for the skin. This can result in red, chapped and rough lips. Lips enhance attractiveness of your face just like your eyes and outlook. The continuous exposure to pollution and heavy use of cosmetics lips may get dark and lose the natural beauty. Don’t let this happen, rush into the ladies beauty parlour in Thrissur for expert help. There are simple beauty tips to prevail your beautiful lips for all age.

Use Lipsticks Moderately

It is actually a mixture of oils, alcohol, pigments, fragrance and wax. To get a desired product, different kinds of wax, pigment, oils at different amounts are used. When considering the prolonged contact with our body chemically are not good, so use lipsticks sparingly. Use it only when you really need it, those chemicals are not good for your lips. Choose lipsticks that contains Shea butter, jojoba oil, Vitamin E, etc and the brands such as Maybelline and Nivea are good for you. Lyra beauty parlour can help you pick up the right product for you, also we assure healthy, quality products for all our clients.

Keep your Lips Hydrated

Our body contain a particular amount of water in its balanced state, when this level goes low, it show up on our skin. It can get dry, wrinkles may appear at the early stage. This is worse in case of lips, being the least naturally equipped for self prevention. The effects of dehydration can be seen effectively on your lips. So, it is important to maintain the required level of hydration, drink plenty of of water, at least 2 liters a day. Drink even more during summer and winter to retain the natural moisture of your lips. Add in more fruits and vegetables that are rich in water content like water melon, cucumber, orange, etc. This is important if you are getting married, professional bridal makeup in Thrissur can get you required guidance in your skin and lip care.

Do not Lick or Bite your Lips

Saliva is a risky factor that can further dry out your lips, so dermatologists and Kerala beauty parlours advice not to lick your lips to prevent from drying them out that can result in dark lips.Biting of lips can also cause damage to them, instead keep a moisturizing lip balm with you everywhere you go. Don’t even think of licking your lips when it become too dry, instead use your lip balm.

Purchase Lip Products that contain SPF

Your lips when exposed to extreme sunlight can result in dark lips. Ultra Violet rays are harmful for your lips as for your skin, so stick on to lip products that contain SPF to protect your lips while you go outside in the sun. You can have the product from a larger options because most brands that are well established in selling lipsticks, lip balms and glosses offer sun protection.

Exfoliate Your Lips

Our skin undergo constant replacing of dead cells on the outside with a fresh cells. This process can keep your skin soft and supple. But your skin can look dull and dead when this layer is not completely shed. This is the same in case of your lips. To remove dead cells use a natural scrub once in a week, get expert help from beauty parlour in Thrissur. Mix olive oil and sugar as a homemade exfoliator and when rinsed off, apply lip moisturizer.

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