5 Beauty Essentials Everyone Should Have in Their Collection

We all want to look beautiful in front of the mirror and in the presence of others. Isn’t that right?

The field of fashion has definitely influenced us a lot. There are many factors that influence us. It can be the dress, hair style, makeup pattern. In Kerala, one of the most popular fashion styles is the Kerala bridal makeup. Whatever the reason may be, any one of these will drive us to achieve a similar look like that. To achieve that desired look, we do a lot of things that includes trying out various cosmetic procedures, hair styling and other procedures.

Why do we want to look attractive? We obviously have our reasons.

Being beautiful makes our appearance more appealing which in turn boosts our confidence and self esteem level. But one thing to admit is that all these makeup procedures take considerable time and it won’t last long more than a certain time period, after which it will require redoing the whole procedure.

One of the common problems we all face is that most of us don't have the time either to do all these procedures because of our work schedules. Even if somehow you had the time to apply these makeup procedures, by the time you have finished your work and returned home, the makeup would have worn off and left your face in a state, something you definitely don’t enjoy.

We cannot carry over all the makeup tools on the go, it’s not feasible, hence carrying only the necessary tools that provide decent makeup is the logical choice. Here we describe some of the most essential tools you ladies must have in your bag. The advantages of having these essential products are that it saves you a considerable amount of money and gives you a satisfying appearance as that of a traditional makeup process.


This is a cosmetic product used for getting rid of dark circles, puffiness and disguises imperfections that are formed right under the eyes. Normally dark circles under the eyes are caused by stress and fewer hours of sleep.

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Concealers are usually available in three types which are stick, liquid and cream. The thing to note before using concealers are that each type works differently with each skin type, therefore, always choose the one that is recommended for your skin.


Due to our busy lives, many of us won’t get time to wash and shampoo our hair, but with this handy item, you can make your hair appear fresh and adds volume to your hair.

Seems cool right? But make sure to not extensively use this on a daily basis as it can damage your hair.

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Makeup Setting Spray

This is a life saver for those who have applied makeup and is in an area that is hot and humid. The advantage of this spray is that it will hold the makeup much longer therefore, you can do your activities without worrying the wearing of makeup, and also it keeps your makeup fresh throughout the day.

Face Wash

This is pretty straight forward. The little product is truly an instant refresher for your face. It removes the excess oil, dirt from your face, thus making you appear fresh and energetic in front of people. Always prefer to go for well-known brands.

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The job of a sunscreen is to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancers and irreversible damage to your skin. Always apply a sunscreen cream or lotion when you travel outside and make sure to reapply it after a couple of hours to achieve better results. There are different classifications such as SPF 15, SPF 30 and more. Choose the one that suits your skin and you are good to go.

Although, these little items can provide you quick bursts of aesthetic beauty and rejuvenation, in order to get the best out of your beauty, it is recommended to visit a reputed beauty parlour as the people there are highly experienced and skilled. They would prepare and apply the right makeup pattern according to your skin tone and other factors. Lyra beauty parlour is currently the best beauty parlour in thrissur that provides a wide range of services such as bridal makeup.

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How Lyra does the job?

We, at Lyra first analyse and prepare a makeup plan which would suit the customer. The makeup plan typically depends on the type of event the customer wants to attend. If it’s the customer’s wedding, we provide the best traditional Kerala bridal makeup.

Our makeup applying process is a stage by stage process and is only done by highly trained and best bridal makeup artists in Kerala. This ensures our work is done professionally and we use only materials and tools that are specified by the industry standards. We have a long line of reputed customers who are thoroughly happy and satisfied with our services such that we are proud enough to say we are the beauty parlour in Thrissur.

Our bridal makeup is well renowned and many clients avail our services for their wedding events. We do not heavily implement makeup for our customers. Each person requires a different approach therefore we plan and apply makeup and other procedures as per client suggestions and our skills which result in a flawless and natural looking appearance.

Interested to become yourselves a queen? If yes, come and visit our beauty parlour where we transform your dream a reality.

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