Check out the reason and easily fix adult acne

Ever wondered how adult acne are sprouted? How do we make sure that this will not happen again? Don't worry about the same again, we, Lyra beauty parlour have done a trail and ready to share the random reasons for adult acne. Lyra is a hi-tech beauty parlour bestowed with professionals to take care of all your beauty needs. Here are some of the reasons and the remedies.

REASONS : Stress - Intense stress can be a factor for the monstrous breakout. When you experience stress, your body will trigger hormonal imbalances and fights and may encounter negative impacts. Hair products - Our hair products will have a lot of chemicals and these ingredients can cause allergic reactions. It can be identified by paying attention to the acne you have. If you are having those at neck and shoulders then the probability for an allergic hair product is more. Sweat - A humid climate or physical activities which requires more effort can be annoying. Chances for clogged pores are also higher Sheets and clothes - Messy clothes and bed sheets are also viable for producing harmful effects. And just like your hair products, the liquid wash or detergents you use can cause allergic to your skin. Waxing - Normally after waxing, your sensitive skin may be irritated or face some issues with dryness and itchiness. The intensity of how sensitive your skin plays an important role in these issues. Unhealthy diet - Depending on the allergies one have, it may contribute for acne. It can be anything ranging from oily, sweets, milk, creamy and nuts. Travel - Polluted air can cause many skin diseases. Adult acne is one among them. And leaving your common environment can also result in making the body revolt against the same. It's time for clear skin...Know more about the remedies

Pay attention to what all the cosmetics you use. Some may cause allergic reactions, so due care must be given while preferring such products.

A warm face wash can make you apart from many problems. So do not forget to wash your face prior to any tasks. Make sure to keep a routine of rinse off in the morning once you wake up and the night before going to bed.

Start maintaining a healthy food journal, then you can get to know about what all food kinds of stuff are making such a breakout in the morning. Make sure a quick fix for the same.

Stick on to your skin care special routines to make your skin adjusted with the new environment and pollution.

Drink a lot of water. It will be helpful for good health and enhancing your beauty

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Please feel free to reach us and we have the one stop solution for all your needs.

Our services

We have a wide range of services ranging from eyebrows threading to complete makeover approaches. Our specialities include :

Bridal Makeup : We know your desire to make your big day special by being a princess. Lyra has professional makeup artists who can accomplish your dream for your wedding.

Hair coloring : Making changes to your hair can lead to a drastic transformation in your attire. hair colouring will help you in embracing your style with a new outfit.

Spa : An effective spa will be capable of giving you a refreshing effect on your body and mind. Pre Book for your appointment.

Hair treatment : We have professional hair stylist to assist you with the proper guidance for a hair treatment that you need. We can provide you with ultimate hair revamping treatments.

Waxing : Sweep away your worries with a perfect waxing. We care for your skin and intensity for your pain. Get an attractive body with no more body hair.

Pedicure and manicure : Nails can speak a lot about you. So have a keen eye on keeping them clean and beautiful. We can help you with the same.

Why Lyra?

*We provide you with hi-tech facilities in beauty treatments at an affordable rate.

*We have highly trained and qualified personnel to provide supreme quality services.

*We are easy to locate at the heart of the cultural capital of Kerala.

*We use only tested products that can ensure longevity for the treatments.

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