Different Kerala Bridal Hairstyle

Keralians are enriched with a rich culture and a clear touch of tradition is visible in wedding occasions. Kerala beauty parlour generally opts traditional sarees for wedding occasions and also traditional hairstyles to get the look. However, right traditional saree paired with right traditional hairstyle won’t rather looks boring. Moreover, it can be the perfect bridal look to any women. Traditional bridal makeup in Kerala provides you with a bunch of bridal hairstyle ideas.

  • Mermaid Braid With Side Partition.

For this hairstyle, you need to part your hairs and then by creating a light puff overhead pin it to the back. Now by keeping a small section open at the end cover the whole length of the hair with the mermaid braid. Braiding can be finished with a rubber band. From over one shoulder place the braided front. For a soft look allow some of the hairs near the parting hang loose.

  • Low Bun Hairstyle With Light On-Head Curls.

Lyra beauty parlour will curl hair lightly over the head to get a wavy appearance. The bun is been provided at the low position and the hairs have been collected at the back of the head. For a soft and perfect Kerala bridal look place your bun right on the cervix of the neck. Adding golden hair accessories will beautify your hair more.

  • Gajra For Simple Braid.

For traditional and simple wedding hairstyle, this simple braided hairstyle is the best option.

Hairs have been parted from the side and pinned back to make a light puff over the head. The whole of the hair is used for making the braid and the end of the braid is curled as a whole. Adding floral Gajra gives this hairstyle the perfect traditional look.

  • Braid With Back Brush For A Simple Wedding Look.

This hairstyle is completely natural. By leaving a considerable section open at the end, most of the long hair is combed back and pinned there. Ladies beauty parlour in Thrissur adds Gajra at the back of the head, allowing the garland to flow down to the front over the shoulders.

  • Side Parted Braided Hairstyle.

By combing properly part your hair to the side of the head. Leave the shorter locks free at the front of your face and comb the hairs to the back. By leaving a section of hairs free at the base do the braid at the back of the head. For more than half of the length of the hair continue braiding and leave the rest part of the hairs open.

  • Back Pinned Side Swept open Hairstyle.

This sort of hairstyle is ideal for traditional brides with long hairs. Hair style designer in Thrissur will part the hairs from the middle of the head and the sides have been pinned at the back. Here Gajra is taken in the whole length of the hair with bobby pins on it and along with Gajra the full length of the hair is taken to the front from over one shoulder to get a perfect look.

Apart from these hairstyles, there are much more hairstyles done exclusively for Hindus, Christians, Muslims etc. Christian bridal makeup in Thrissur is flavored with many more varieties in this field. A perfect hairstyle is always an essential ingredient of bridal make up.

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