Natural tips for healthy hair growth

Updated: Mar 7

We, humans, love to hear appreciations about our looks. Looking trendy is considered to be the best part of a stunning day.

Hair has a great role in making a perfect attire. Long hair is still being an uncherished dream for many. Hair fall is the main reason for experiencing problems with the hair.

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Healthy food for healthy hair

We all know the importance of a balanced diet on our body. Lack of essential nutrients can make us weak. Even our hair needs some essential elements to grow. Have a look at them.

1. Take foods with protein like dairy products, egg, nuts, and chicken for shiny, strong hair.

2. Including green leafy vegetables and salad can enhance the iron content for hair growth.

3. Eat fish with omega fatty acid for providing nourishing oil to the scalp.

4. Consume fruits like orange, berries, and papaya which are rich sources of Vitamin C.

2. Stress-free days and environment

Hair will stops growing if we undergrow too much stress. Stress will lead to an increase in the level of cortisol in your blood and can cause hair damage. It can be reduced by following relaxation techniques and breathing exercises.

3. Apply oil for different hair problems

1. Coconut oil - Coconut oil is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It can enhance your hair growth and reduce hair loss. It is considered to be the best remedy for hair problems from centuries.

2. Amla oil - Amla is a rich source of vitamin C. It aids in conditioning your hair and reducing hair loss & premature graying of your hair. Amla oil can be easily made at home.

3. Castor oil - Castor oil helps in enhancing blood circulation to the scalp which helps in increasing hair growth. It can also nourish the scalp and with its high protein content it can strengthens the roots of the hair.

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Daily tips for a healthy hair

Get a regular trim at a fixed interval : For proper hair growth you should have healthy hair ends. Endure a trim every 8-10 weeks so that there will be no split ends.

Treat your scalp: Polluted environment makes our hair accumulated with dirts on the scalp. Hence the dead skin can make it unhealthy. Due care must be given to maintain your hair clean and healthy. Gently massaging on the scalp can enhance the blood circulation as well.

Skip daily wash: Daily washing of your hair can make it more prone to damages. Washing your hair can heat it and leads to many issues. Always try to use good mild shampoos that doesn’t harm your hair.

Conditioning : Conditioning can make your hair smooth and frizz free. But it should not be used on the scalp.

Always stay hydrated : Like our body needs sufficient water, it is also necessary for maintaining the hair growth. Dehydration will leads to breakage of hair and dull hair.

Brushing with comb : We all brush our hair to make it look proper. Brushing should be done gently on your hair. Hair breakage will be the result of harsh brushing.

Natural ways are healthy, but we may not get enough time to spare on this affair.

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