All About Manicure And Pedicure

Of course, keeping your hands and legs clean and attractive is one of the best way to express your personality. Manicures and Pedicures are an unavoidable part of cosmetology in the latest era. This is all about taking care of your hands and legs including nails and fingers and improve their appearance in most stunning way ever. We, running one of the best Hi Tech Beauty Parlour In Thrissur, keeps a great standard for all our services. We are also into makeups and provide the Luxury Bridal Makeup In Thrissur

Manicure and Pedicure treatments would help in greater extend to promote good health for your hands, legs, toes, fingers, nails etc. We do it the best way in Thrissur. We have wide range of massage categories, clients having option to choose us for a Full Body Massage In Thrissur.

while talking about the benefits of this, we also discuss about the health risks and related topics here.

What is Manicure?

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Manicure have various packages and treatment packages to keep you hands beautiful like never before. Basically treatments/procedures for manicure is about to differ between spas. Treatment package is dependant on your skin condition, skin tone, and type of skin. Some basic things done here are hand massages, cuticle treatment and buffing, grooming of nails with nail polish. Always keep in mind that this may not be the same strategies used in all the spas.

For your best result, make an appointment with your beauty expert and inform them all about your skin including various allergic conditions you faced, things which are not favourable to your skin, etc.

This helps the beauty expert to note what to avoid and what to implement.

What is pedicure?

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Just like manicure, pedicure treatment is for your legs. Some spas offer you their unique packages including foot soak, exfoliating, cuticle treatment, foot massage, nail trimming and grooming options. Moisturizing is also important. Pedicure techniques are implemented to separate the dead skin from the feet.

Types of Manicure and Pedicure treatments

Here we discuss about the types of pedicure and manicure treatments.

  • Basic package

The basic package includes taking care of your nails, softening your hands and feets eventually extracting the dead skin from you. This is preceded by a soft massage. A regular package includes soaking your hands in lukewarm water with some soap in it, helping to soften your skin and removing the dead skin. Caring your fingers include trimming it perfectly and cleaning it completely. Your nails are applied with a three layer of coats. They are : Base Coat, Main Coat and Top Coat, one by one with supreme quality products.

Finally you get a soothing lotion, applied and massaged gently for a final round up.

  • Spa Manicure and Pedicure Treatment

When it comes to a spa, the quality and duration of treatment is increased than a basic or regular package. You can expect all the treatments that you get in a basic package but when you do that in a spa, spas are more sophisticated and experienced, taking care of you better than any others. In spas you get additional treatments like glycolic exfoliation and paraffin wax. Glycolic exfoliation involves mixing glycolic acid in a gel or cream, best used to remove your dead skin from toe and arms.

You dip your hands and feets in a lukewarm solution of paraffin wax and then in plastic bags and then in gloves. Paraffin waxing is for smoothing your skin.

  • French Style treatment

For sure you will notice the wonder in your hands and legs after this classic mode of treatment. French style deals with the same procedures that of a spa treatment, in addition you are applied with a polish in a clear white or pale pink then applying white polish on the tips of your nails giving a special attraction to your nails.

Your trendy nails, blending with a natural beauty

  • American Style

This treatment is somewhat similar to the classic French style above. The only difference here is you get your nails with round design and they use more white colours for polish.

  • Stone Treatment

As like common manicure and pedicure treatments, this also contains the common steps involved in it. Apart from them, at the end your hands and feets are placed with a heated stone, giving the best transformation to a new look from an overworked or stressed hands and legs.

Health benefits

  • As our hands and legs are quite exposed to outside dirt and sun, our skin gets contaminated quickly. They accumulate grime and start producing new cells over the old cells increasing your appearance level and skin health.

  • Removing fungal infections from the skin, your skin always possess clean and healthy. You are not prone to get affected by most of the skin related diseases

  • Improves the overall blood flow

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