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Like your body your hair too needs extra care. Most women don’t have time to take care of their hair because of their involvement in other daily activities. This is common among both working women as well as for the housewives. There are various reasons for this but the most important reason is that most of the ladies beauty parlour in Thrissur are either expensive or don’t have spa facility.

What the Best hair stylist Say

Best hairstyle designer in Thrissur suggests that it is important to take care of your hair during summer as well during monsoon and there are different types of hair treatments. It is one of the hair treatments which is good for maintaining your hair. Hair care begins from the root and giving regular massage to the root of your hair makes it healthy.

Does it Benefit Us

Generally there is a misconception among people that in hair spa they use chemicals that damages your hair. But truth is they use soft shampoos and oils that won’t give you hair any damage. And yes, it has benefits too. According to a popular beauty parlor in thrissur there are more benefits and no drawbacks as such. Here are the benefits of hair spa:

Hair spa conditions your hair enough to leave hair without split ends and dry hair. This also sets the issues of dandruff , hair loss. Because no split ends, no dandruff and no hair loss.

It conditions the scalp and frees it from any pollutants or chemicals that are found in our hair due to the use of chemical hair shampoos and also from pollution in the air.

The hair massages given in the spa treatment increases blood flow, stimulates and strengthens the nerves present in the scalp area. Proper blood flow and stimulation of the scalp nerves are essential for proper hair growth.

Also hair spa helps in controlling the level of oil in our scalp and normalizes the secretion of oil in the scalp. When the hair is damaged the secretion of oil is disrupted and this leads to our hair being too oily that can also cause dandruff. But hair spa normalizes the oil secretion and controls the natural oil in our hair.

It gives deep cleansing to our hair root and scalp by removing all the impurities.

Lyra spa helps in cleaning the roots of your hair from deep and removes all pollutants from the roots.

The spa helps in controlling stress and make you relaxed.

Hair spa helps in relieving stress from your mind and makes you calm and helps loosen up your stressed muscles.

Although you might feel that the treatment is short lived. But with consequent sessions you will find the difference.

You might feel that it is a temporary for your hair to be all goregious. Two to three sessions of hair spa you will be able to see the difference yourself.

Different Types of Hair Spa:

There are different types of hair spa that you can avail in a parlor. Choose according to your hair type as not everybody has similar hair. Some have dry and frizzy hair and some have oily hair and some have both. Here are some of the types of this procedure :

1. Deep Conditioning Hair Spa

Deep conditioning hair spa brings back the moisture in hair which is lost during your normal hair wash with harsh shampoo. It makes your hair healthy and fresh. Best beauty parlor in thrissur recommends you to take Keratin deep conditioner treatments if you have damaged hair. It repairs damaged hair and reduces its breakage. It replaces the lost nutritions which are essential for hair growth.

2. L’oreal Hair Spa Treatment for Dry Hair

Dry hair is something everybody hates to have but what most of us have. It can be because of the use of chemical shampoos or because of hard water. You can get rid of dry, frizzy hair with L’oreal hair spa treatment it nourishes your hair inside out and gives you soft and shiny hair. This spa treatment is suggested by most of the famous beauty parlors in thrissur as it helps your hair to be smooth and voluminous.

3. Hair Spa for Removing Dandruff

With dry hair comes dandruff and all of us know that it damages the hair and lead to hair loss. It is best to take precautions rather than curing them after the damage it has done to your hair. Dry scalp is the main reason for the cause of dandruff. Hair spa to remove dandruff in just single wash or with just 2-3 sessions is ideal solution for retaining the lost moisture in you hair and scalp which will help in removing dandruff.

4. Detoxifying Hair Spa

Like we detoxify our body to remove harmful toxins from within our body to make it healthy, our hair also needs detoxification. No matter how much you wash your hair, it cannot remove all the toxins that our hair attracts from outside due to the atmospheric pollution. Detoxifying  helps remove harmful toxins from your hair starting from the deep roots. L’oreal detoxifying hair spa is best for detoxifying your hair.

After Hair Spa

After you are done with spa treatment next thing is maintaining your hair in the same way the beautician has set. Make sure you follow these important steps to ensure that your hair is clean and there is no chance of damage to recur. The best hair specialist in Thrissur, Lyra Beauty Parlour suggests following tips. They are:

  • Wash all your sheets and towels before using them.

Make sure you wash all the bed sheets, pillow covers etc and replace them with new one. This will increase the chance of your scalp being clean and keep impurities away.

  • Use clean combs

Wash your combs twice a week. If possible replace it frequently. This will lessen the chance of split ends. Using old combs might increase the chance of dandruff. It is also ideal to brush your hair twice a day with proper combs.

  • Give two days gap before using your normal shampoos.

Immediately after the procedure don’t wash your hair with normal shampoo as it takes at least a day for our hair to be set. After a day or two you can use your own shampoo. Make sure you use a herbal shampoo instead of chemical shampoos.

  • Make sure you wash your hair twice a week with conditioners.

Just with hair spa alone you cannot achieve good hair. Keep using conditioners and wash your hair twice a week . It will help your hair to be smooth and frizz free.

  • Finally, do go for this twice a month

If your hair is getting cleansed frequently it will nurture your hair and make it healthy. If you go for hair spa twice a month then you hair will look gorgeous than ever.

Hence, hair spa is something which everybody should gift their hair with once or twice in a month. It makes your hair look gorgeous and make it look healthy. Also try to maintain your hair after the spa by following the above-mentioned steps . Last but not the least give your hair a well deserving treat. Because you never know when you have to be party ready!

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